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Fencing for Women

Fencing for Women

Bring your friend to Fencing!

Experience a fun and exciting day with your friend, where you can try your hand at fencing! Get your heart rate up and experience the joy of this noble sport, just as Queen Margrethe II did in her younger days. Spend some pleasant hours with your friend, meet new people and learn something new.

What can you expect?
  • Warm-up:

    Fun and challenging warm-up adapted to your level.

  • Instruction:

    Our experienced instructors give you the necessary instruction.

  • Fencing:

    Learn the basic skills and get a taste of the world of fencing.

  • "Hygge":

    Finish the training with delicious snacks and refreshments.

Practical information:
  • Bring long training pants, training shoes for indoor use (not running shoes), t-shirt, drinking bottle and towel.

  • Good changing and bathing facilities are available.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions below:

What should I bring?

You must bring long training pants, training shoes for indoor use (not running shoes), t-shirt, water bottle and towel.

You will be given the necessary equipment by us.

Is it really completely free?

Yes, it is 100% free and without obligation for you to participate.

We just hope that you want to try the sport and if you want to, share your experience with your circle of friends and preferably on social media.

Will I get to fence with real weapons?

Du kommer til at prøve at fægte og med rigtige sportsvåben som vi anvender i sporten.

Does it hurt / Is it dangerous?

No, it doesn't hurt, but as with any other activity, you can be unlucky. However, our experienced instructors will do everything to ensure that you have a fun experience without accidents.

Fencing is one of the safest sports and the sport with the fewest injuries.

Is there anything special I should be aware of?
  • We recommend the use of contact lenses if you are dependent on glasses, as it can be both challenging and a risk to wear glasses under the mask.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot offer you training if you have a chest/waist measurement of over 124/110 cm.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to take special consideration of people with a mental or physical disability.
  • We advise against choosing fencing as a sport if you have problems with your joints.
  • Participation is at your own risk.
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