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Yoga for Athletes

Yoga can improve your focus and mental endurance. It can improve coordination and mobility. Further, yoga helps to improve body awareness and balance. In addition in Yoga for Athletes, we will work on fascia (part of the connective tissue). With its elastic properties, fascia stores and releases energy within the body during movement. For athletes, well-conditioned fascia can contribute to enhancing power output and efficiency. You can imagine it like a coiled spring that can unleash explosive bursts of stored energy, enabling it to reach greater heights. Damaged and not well-maintained fascia loses these attributes. Especially for sports with fast, abrupt movements like change of direction, keeping fascia healthy can be a game changer. 

When yoga is targeted specifically, like in Yoga for Athletes, it is a powerful addition to your training. 

No previous yoga experience needed. Everyone is welcome.

  • Equipment
    Yoga Mat
  • Duration
    60 min
  • Trainer

Your Certified Yoga Teacher

Julia Grässer

Advanced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500, YACEP)

Julia holds certificates from multiple yoga teacher training and continued education courses with more than 1,800hr of training. She is trained in Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Therapy and Kaula Tantra Yoga. The various continued education programs include in depth pranayama studies with Mark Stephens, Functional Yoga with Paul Grilley and trauma-informed teaching with The Minded Institute and Legacy Motion. She is as well trained in teaching meditation, pranayama and conscious connected breathwork (200hr teacher training in shamanic and tantric breathwork as well as transformational breathwork like rebirthing or holotropic breathwork). Julia loves to help you relax and applies relaxation techniques like Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenic Training as well as her famous Yoga Nidra to her yoga sessions. She further took advanced courses in Fascial Yoga, Face Yoga, Menoyoga and Chair-based Yoga. The latter is the foundation for her popular Office Yoga concept. In 2024, she expects to graduate as a Yoga Therapist too. Julia teaches in English or German.

Fencing Club Trekanten
Lyngbyvej 104
2100 Copenhagen OE

Phone: +45 39 27 13 13
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