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About the "Attaque Cancer" campaign

In 2015, Fencing Club Trekanten in Copenhagen, Denmark, launched the campaign "Attaque Cancer" to show our commited support in helping to raise awareness for breast cancer screening, detection and treatment.

The "Attaque Cancer" campaign is how the fencing world can show its support and dedication to the cause of the global breast cancer awareness campaign (pink ribbon).

Through the month of October, Trekanten and its members are raising awareness by wearing pink apparel as well as additional club and media branding.

In the social media stream the campaign is identified by the #AttaqueCancer tag. 


BCA CoachesInPink

Supporting the campaign

We invite any fencer, club, organisation or federation who will support the cause and the campaign.

All through October, you can help raise awareness to the cause and show your support by either

  • Adding the "pink ribbon" logo to your page or profile
  • Talking about the campaign
  • Posting stories or statements on your website and social media platform
  • Creating a "pink" event
  • Making a donation
  • or just "thinking pink"

and show that "fencers stand united" in support of this cause.

Just be sure to tag your facebook, twitter and instagram posts with the #AttaqueCancer tag (along with relevant BCA and Fencing tags) so everyone can follow the conversation.

Thank you for your support!


Suggested tags

  • AttaqueCancer
  • PinkRibbon
  • Cancer
  • BreastCancerAwareness
  • Fencing
  • Escrime
  • Esgrima

Also remember to check your local or national cancer campaigns and include their tags.

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