Easter in Triangle

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S & aring; it has been p & aring; skeferie and many t & aelig; thinking enough p & aring; how much you can get to f & aelig; gte this week. Here f SEARCH RESULTS follow a small hoop overview of p & aring; fluid week, and n & aelig; next week also & aring ;. N & aelig; next week is hit by a part & aelig; changes due. Of Youth World Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

P & Aring; SKEUGE:
Monday, March 30 - adult teams (NORMAL)
Tuesday, March 31 - b SEARCH RESULTS rnehold (HOLIDAY) - talent / elite teams (NORMAL)
Wednesday, April 1 - b SEARCH RESULTS rnehold (HOLIDAY) - talent / elite teams (from 18:30 pm, otherwise NORMAL)
Thursday, April 2 to Monday, April 6 & nbsp; - Ryparkens Idr & aelig; tsanl & aelig; g is CLOSED, p & aring; no f & aelig; Weighting.

EM fægternes reception

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Kolja reception
Kolja Dahlin receive 5000 kr. For his 3rd place at the European Championships, the Danish R & aelig; gte Federation's president in January Sylvest Jensen

R & aelig; gteklubben Trekantens Elite Committee had invited to a reception Wednesday, March 18 to celebrate the returning EM f & aelig; gtere and their impressive results.
Club chairman Simon Jeiner kept talking, and laid ice & aelig; r v & aelig; gt p & aring; to b & aring; the cadet and juniorf & aelig; gterne from Triangle had been & aelig; court to f & aelig; gte Danish f & aelig; Weighting up in the absolute world elite.
Kolja Dahlins 3rd repr & aelig; presents the finest Danish fleuretresultat in n & aelig; stone a lifetime, and in addition juniorf & aelig; gternes great 7th place p & aring; team after victories over Rum & aelig; Britain and Latvia. & nbsp;

Danish R & aelig; gteforbunds President Jans Sylvest Jensen kept also & aring; speech, and here, the President overr & aelig; KKE Kolja a gift-check p & aring; 5000 kr. For the great result.
DFF Chairman used ice & aelig; s also & aring; Speaking p & aring; the more visible SEARCH RESULTS re the S & aelig; in particular, to the great EM results were to p & aring; Despite the fact that in Denmark we operate with budgets that are much smaller than the big nations. & nbsp;

Final results from B & amp; D regatta JAF in Viborg

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At the weekend attended B & amp; D f & aelig; gterne in ranglistest & aelig; Vnet JAF, in & aring; s held in Viborg.

We participated with 8 f & aelig; gtere in total and had Felix and Christoffer with which judges and Malte with the tr & aelig; tions, and all 3 encouraged and coached the participating f & aelig; gtere, 1000 thanks for that.

Celebrating the results by cadet and junior European Championships

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Our f & aelig; gtere who participated in the European Championships in Maribor, has just returned with super smooth results p & aring; S & aring; well lady, gentleman, individual and team foil.

EM truppen 2015

- Above Triangle & rsquo; s Championship teams and inserted Kolja p & aring; podium with his fine bronze medal & ndash; Josefina inserted to h SEARCH RESULTS right, as she was unable to photography.

We want to mark with a reception on Wednesday 18th. March at. 18-19.

Reception held in the triangle premises in Ryparken


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